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MultifamilyBiz + Powerhour Webcast Series

The longest running industry-focused webcast series in the multifamily housing industry.

Sep 11, 2012

Listen to our FREE On-Demand Digital Media Webcast with Andrew Botieri, author, publisher, multifamily sales virtuoso and self-proclaimed workaholic, in his exclusive interview with property management expert Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour®. Andrew's 60-minute interview, Powerful Strategies and Techniques For Balancing Life & Work - Life Changing Events, Attitude Power, Juggling Stress, Healthy Lifestyles focuses on his strategies and techniques for balancing life, juggling stress within a healthy lifestyle, which he wrote the book on, titled: A Celebration of Life-A Story of Hope, A Miracle and The Power of Attitude. In this lively, fast-paced informative discussion, Andrew shares his own secrets of success and lessons learned, including his poignant wake-up call to guide you through your own introspective re-evaluation of life balance and what is important.

Interview Discussion Highlights

  1. How does life-work balance factor into a healthy and profitable life?
  2. How does Stress impact you and what can you do to manage it?
  3. What was the motivation behind authoring this powerful book?
  4. With over 20-years in the multifamily industry, what have you learned?

Special Guest

Andrew Botieri, N.A.L.P. has over 20-years of hands-on experience helping property management companies reach their potential, and is founder of Total Peak Performance®, a motivational leadership, leasing sales and customer service training company. Andrew was the National Sales Trainer, Northeast Regional Director and Turnaround Specialist for HPC Publications, and the Vice President of Sales and Operations for All Apartments/ Spring Street (now part of Along with being a national speaker and trainer Andrew also publishes the New England Apartment Finder magazine. Andrew has been a featured speaker at NAA, Texas Apartment Association, 15 state or regional apartment associations and dozens of property management companies. Speaking on leadership, team building, sales, leasing and resident retention strategies, Andrew is one of the most sought after experts in the multifamily industry.  Andrew recently published his first book called "A Celebration of Life-A Story of Hope, A Miracle and The Power of Attitude,” which recounts his medical challenges and eventual triumph over a deadly autoimmune disease called Scleroderma.