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MultifamilyBiz + Powerhour Webcast Series

The longest running industry-focused webcast series in the multifamily housing industry.

Aug 17, 2016

Join property management expert Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour® and multifamily technology innovator Kerry W. Kirby, Founder and CEO of 365 Connect, for a FREE + PowerHour Digital Media Webcast Conference. This fast-paced 60-minute FREE Webcast Conference, focuses on extending you media reach to drive brand recognition and add value to your property management company.

Conference Discussion Highlights

1. What kind of media coverage and exposure are you getting for your property management company?

2. Why is building relationships with local media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and business publications important?

3. What steps should you take before engaging with the media to ensure you reach your pre-set goals?

4. How can you increase visibility within professional associations to increase your return on investment?

5. Does building media exposure at an individual property level make sense and deliver value?

6. How does your media reach equate to being paid a premium for your company when you are ready to sell?