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MultifamilyBiz + Powerhour Webcast Series

The longest running industry-focused webcast series in the multifamily housing industry.

Jul 16, 2014

Join property management expert Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour® and multifamily technology innovator Kerry W. Kirby, CEO and Founder of 365 Connect for a FREE + PowerHour LIVE Digital Media Webcast Conference. This lively discussion will focus on “Creating Powerful Presentations That Will Drive New Revenue – Presentation Materials, Industry Involvement, Building Credibility, Game Changers.” This fast-paced 60-minute FREE Webcast Conference, focuses on creating powerful marketing presentations to acquire new clients and drive more revenue.

Conference Discussion Highlights

  1. What are the Top 9 most frequently asked questions to expect and plan for when giving a presentation for property management services? 
  1. Why does your association involvement and industry certifications help you add more new clients, units and increase revenue?
  1. What are the Top 4 of 16 key areas to include in every presentation to a prospective new client who wants to engage your property management services?