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MultifamilyBiz + Powerhour Webcast Series

The longest running industry-focused webcast series in the multifamily housing industry.

Mar 30, 2016

Join property management expert Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour® and multifamily technology innovator Kerry W. Kirby, CEO and Founder of 365 Connect for a FREE + PowerHour Digital Media Webcast Conference. This lively discussion will focus on “Creating Digital Consistency to Convert Prospects to Residents - Brand Consistency, Social Marketing, Resident Platforms, Digital Communities.” This fast-paced 60-minute FREE Webcast Conference, focuses on delivering digital consistency across multiple platform to enhance conversion rates.

Conference Discussion Highlights

  1. What is digital consistency and how can it create better conversion rates?
  2. Where does the resident lifecycle start and when does it end?
  3. How can you keep your community from being socially awkward?
  4. Resident portals are now mainstream - why you should think digital community?
  5. Why the move-out process needs to be viewed as an opportunity, not a loss?